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Sierra Club


Founded in 1892 by John Muir, the Sierra Club is the oldest environmental organization in this country.† The original purpose was to save our wild lands from development, leaving them for future generations to enjoy.† Today the Sierra Club is focused on creating a clean energy economy.

Environmental Organizations

Natural Resources Defense Council


Founded in 1970 by a group of law students and attorneys, the NRDC uses law and science to protect our planetís wildlife and wild places to ensure a healthy environment for all living things.

National Wildlife Federation


Founded in 1936 by Ding Darling, the NWF is focused on conservation.† Saving wildlife means saving our wetlands, forests, coasts, stopping carbon pollution, promoting clean energy, stopping deforestation.

Environmental Defense Fund


Started in the late 1960ís to protect ospreys from DDT, the EDF currently works to solve our planetís most pressing environmental issues.† This includes climate, oceans, ecosystems and health.

Friends of the Earth


The FOE strives to create a healthy and just world through sustainability, connectivity and systemic change.† They work to shut down nuclear reactors, block pipelines, end corporate polluter subsidies, oppose GMOs, force climate impacts to be considered.


National Audubon Society


The Audubon Society works to conserve and restore natural ecosystems for the benefit of birds and other wildlife.† There are more than 500 chapters nationwide.

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