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Fracking, using sand, water and chemicals to get at natural gas deposits in the earth, contaminates the ground water and makes it unfit to drink.† Learn about the dangers of fracking and what your community can do about it.


Mountaintop Removal


Mountaintop removal of coal devastates the landscape and buries thousands of miles of streams that provide drinking water to millions of Americans.† Learn about the dangers of this type of mining and what can be done to stop it.



GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are genetically engineered to withstand massive doses of pesticides.† Learn more about the dangers of this relatively new technology and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Toxic Lawn Care

We used to accept dandelions and clover as a natural part of our lawns.† If we didnít like dandelions, we dug them out by hand.† Now most people think they need a golf course perfect lawn.† They hire lawn chemical companies to dump millions of pounds of toxic pesticides on their lawns each year.

Climate Change

The earth is warming, glaciers are melting, oceans are rising, devastating floods and other natural disasters are becoming more frequent. Learn what you can do to slow the destruction.

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