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Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

This book is considered the start of the environmental movement.† Originally published in 1962, it called our attention to the dangers of indiscriminate use of pesticides.† It is still being read and reread today.

Books about the environment

The End of Nature by Bill McKibben


This book about climate change, originally published in 1989, has been updated to include more current threats to the environment.

Earth Odyssey by Mark Hertsgaard


In 1991, Mark Hertsgaard embarked on a 9 year odyssey around the world, visiting 19 countries, to investigate planet earthís environmental crisis.

Crimes Against Nature by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Kennedy attacks the Bush administration for eliminating many of the laws that have protected our air, water and soil since Nixon signed the Clean Air and Clean Water acts into law.† He isnít afraid to point the finger at corporations that profit from poisoning our air, water and soil.

Hot, Flat and Crowded by Tom Friedman


Our earth is overpopulated and heating up.† Friedman takes a look at how we can summon our creativity and resources to bring about a green revolution and a better world.


Earth in Balance by Al Gore


How do the choices we make every day affect our climate, air, water and soil?† Gore tells us how human actions can safeguard or destroy our environment.




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