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Kids for Saving Earth

KSE was founded by a boy who died of cancer at age 11.  He wondered why we were dumping poisons into our air and water.  So he started a club at his grade school called Kids for Saving Earth.  After he died, his parents started a nonprofit to educate and inspire children to protect the environment.

For Children

The Everything Kids Environment Book by Sheri Amsel

This book teaches children to make smart choices to protect the planet.  It includes activities related to each lesson it teaches.


A environmental education site that includes games and activities for children as well as resources for teachers.  The children’s page includes homework help, articles about current issues, ideas for taking action on issues, contests and more.

NIEHS Kids’ Pages

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences studies the effects of the environment on human health.  This site includes many resources for children—Discover & Explore, Scientific Kids, Fun & Games, and much more.

EPA Student Pages

This site, by the Environmental Protection Agency, provides games and quizzes, homework resources, ideas for community service projects and ideas for science fair projects.  There is also a section for educators and parents.


The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

One of the first children’s books about the dangers of despoiling the environment.  It is full of wonderful rhymes and illustrations so typical of Dr. Seuss.

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