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The North Shore of Lake Superior


While we have made progress since the first Earth Day in 1970, in many ways we have gone backwards.  We are now wasting more energy than ever, not only due to a huge increase in the population of planet earth but also due to our greed.  More, better, bigger, faster.  In 1970, most families were content with one car and one television per household.  Now every family member of driving age wants their own car and their own television, DVD player, computer, Xbox - you name it.  Whereas children were once content with playing with other children in their neighborhood and in their own backyards, now their parents are driving them to soccer, T-ball, karate, swimming, play dates, etc.  Overseas travel has also increased, wasting more fuel on air travel and cruises.  Get on you bicycle or put on your walking shoes.  See and appreciate what you have in your own backyard.

Even more disastrous are the results of our need for more, better, bigger, faster.  Fracking, using sand, water and chemicals to get at natural gas deposits in the earth, contaminates the ground water and makes it unfit to drink.  Mountaintop removal of coal devastates the landscape and buries thousands of miles of streams that provide drinking water to millions of Americans.  Factory farms produce 99% of the meat consumed in this country.  Animals are confined to a small space from birth to slaughter.  They never see the outdoors and are fed antibiotics because of the unclean conditions.  Only 4% of the food Americans eat is organic.  The rest is treated with pesticides or grown from GMO seeds and then treated with even more pesticides.  This site will provide resources to keep you aware of the dangers to our environment.

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